Ray Odor


Ray Odor

Ray has been at Town & Country School for 18 years. He is the Computer Instructor for all students, grades 1-12. He is also the Knights’ Basketball Coach for upper school boys and girls (grades 7-12). He has a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting from Westminster College in Fulton, Missouri and a Master’s Degree in Business Education from the University of Missouri. He taught 6 years in Missouri before coming to Oklahoma.

As a computer teacher, he truly enjoys providing an atmosphere where the students can learn by engaging in interesting, creative, and fun projects. He believes that subject matter is just one of the important parts of the student’s education and that it is his job to strive to help students realize their personal strengths, raise their sense of self-worth, and become productive members of society. It is also important to him to establish and maintain good communication to both the students and their families.